July 2017  
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Trinity Performing Arts Center (Tpac)

Trinity’s newest addition is “Tpac.”  We recently constructed and renovated our facility in order to provide a variety of venues for the performing arts community.

  • We renovated our 500-seat sanctuary to also serve as a theater/auditorium with a 40 x 20 ft. stage.It is the goal of Tpac to produce a variety of large scale performing arts events.

  • Another recent addition is Trinity Café, a 50-seat café/lounge for smaller recitals and more intimate forms of entertainment.

  • We recently converted our Fellowship Hall into an expansive gymnatorium; a multi-purpose Hall designed to provide such recreational activities as basketball, indoor soccer, exercise groups, martial arts, etc. as well as a 200-seat banquet/reception facility. The 20-30 ft. stage will also make it possible to host mid-size performing arts events.


NOTE - all three facilities are available to community organizations and individual uses.