February 2018  
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Trinity Leadership Council

Trinity's many activities and programs are directed by the Trinity Leadership Council (TLC). The TLC, drawn from the membership of our church, is a board comprised of the chairs of every operating committee and organization, as well as representatives of lay leadership, youth, and seniors.

This cross-section of the church leadership approves programs and provides appropriate oversight to ensure Trinity can maximize its opportunities for faith, family, and fellowship.

Committees and Organizations

The current members of the Trinity Leadership Council are:

Office or Responsibility Member
Pastor Rev. Larry Eastlack
Chair Ken Voght
Vice Chair VACANT
Treasurer Bob Gower
Secretary Edie Weaver
Finance Tom Kucskar
Staff Pastor Parish Relations Silas Goma
Trustees Scott Weaver
Worship Judy Chambos & Millie Tonner
Children's Ministries Edie Weaver
Adult Ministries Diane Serra
Missions Rev. Larry Eastlack
Memorial Susan Teetsel
United Methodist Women Ellen Klock
Lay Leader Ken Voght
Lay Delegate to Annual Conference Ellen Klock
Alternate Delegate to Annual Conference Carlos Jones
At Large Representative (60-80 year olds) Lester Bennett
At Large Representative (40-60 year olds) Julie Chandran
At Large Representative (Youth) VACANT

The Trinity Leadership Council generally meets on a monthly basis, with specific dates and locations noted on the church calendar.


The following committees/organizations implement activities within Trinity:

Committee or Organization Head
Finance Committee Tom Kucskar
Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee Silas Goma
Board of Trustees Scott Weaver
Worship Committee Judy Chambos & Millie Tonner
Children's Ministry Edie Weaver
Communion Steward Millie Tonner
Chancel Choir Lucyette Eckert
Nominations/Lay Leadership Committee Rev. Larry Eastlack
Membership Care Committee Millie Tonner
Church Life Committee Diane Serra
Missions Committee Rev. Larry Eastlack
Memorial Committee Susan Teetsel
United Methodist Women (UMW) Ellen Klock
Youth Group VACANT
Webmaster Ken Voght
Sunshine Committee Susan Grau